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Burger Master Quiz Mystery Burger Identities Revealed!

We knew our Burger Master Quiz was going to be a challenge, but we didn't know how much of one it would end up being! Turns out one meat patty between two buns is pretty hard to distinguish from another meat patty between two buns. But still! We have two winners who will be receiving prize packs from Shake Shack that include $50 gift certificates and some other burger-y gear for their good (and lucky) guesses. And without further ado, let's reveal these burger identities, shall we?





1) Z-Burger cheeseburger
2) Rugby Café King's burger
3) 701 burger
4) Black Squirrel burger
5) Birch & Barley brat burger
6) Bourbon Steak burger
7) Citronelle/Central lobster burger
8) Michel lamb burger
9) Shake Shack burger
10) Ollie's Trolley burger
11) Proof shrimp burger
12) Ted's Bulletin burger

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