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Sax Lounge Paints Over Controversial Murals, Lowers Prices

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When Sax opened downtown two weeks ago, the main questions seemed to be 1) how long its $75-per-person minimum would last and 2) how well those murals intended to scandalize the Washington elite would be received. The answers appear to be two weeks and not very well. The Washington Post's Reliable Source reports that the burlesque nightclub is in the midst of painting over the murals depicting gods engaging in sex acts and political figures — from Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill — in compromising positions. Sax had originally heralded these murals as statement pieces intended to get Washington talking, but apparently it was a little too much talk for comfort.

The lounge has also switched to a two-course minimum and an a la carte menu rather than the pricey packages that kicked things off. As co-owner Errol Lawrence explains, "It’s a business decision."

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