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Gene Upshaw's House; A Firehouse Becomes Luxury Condos; More!

The latest from Curbed DC. Everything you wanted to know about what's happening in neighborhood and real estate around town...
Photos from Sotheby's

DUPONT CIRCLE—The home of designer Anthony Browne, named one of Architectural Digest's Top 100 Designers, is on the market. As you can see by the picture of the above conservatory every room is designed to the nines.

GREAT FALLS—The house belonging to Gene Upshaw, former president of the NFL Players Association, briefly made the news yesterday when WaPo reported on the ongoing disagreements over his estate. Curbed DC has a picture.

CAPITOL HILL—A former firehouse from the late 1800s is now a building of luxury condos. The renovation, recently completed by the Argos Group, is quite stunning. Floorplans and pictures are a click away.

ARLINGTON—The same guy who designed the original National Airport, Charles Goodman, also designed this 1950s house. The panoramic views make us feel a little like we're in a traffic control tower, but in a good way.