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Some Of The Food Things That New Yorkers Hate About DC

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Ah, the old argument bubbles up again. Yesterday's Washington Post stirred up a bit of controversy 'round these parts when the Style section profiled a group known as the Fellowship of Unassimilated Manhattan Exiles who get together on occasion to lament living in the nation's capital. Among their complaints? The lack of cheap Chinese takeout (except for Meiwah), the laws against eating on Metro, the fact that our organic grocery stores aren't open past midnight and — obviously — the bagels. In New York, one member says, "You can walk 10 blocks and pass 10 bagel places. There are some bagel places that won’t even toast their bagels. They come out of the oven, and they’re done. There’s institutional integrity."

The group's founder Pia Catton follows up with a blog post for her new employer, the Wall Street Journal, piling on with another complaint about the DC food scene, "And anytime something does happen, it’s a really big deal: Let’s all go to the new CUPCAKE STORE!"

Unsurprisingly, the whole thing sparked some argument. Notably, the City Paper points out that New York's own beloved H&H bagels has closed, while DCist seems skeptical that Meiwah is, in fact, good Chinese takeout.

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Meiwah [Photo: Corbo E./Yelp]

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