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Reopening Report

rogue-states-150.jpgThe burger wars are a-brewin' again in Dupont Circle as Rogue States prepares for its comeback — albeit under a new name. Owner Raynold Mendizabal tells WUSA9 that he hopes to reopen his Connecticut Avenue burger joint the last week of June as Black and Orange — presumably to disassociate it from the noxious-fumes lawsuit that shuttered it in the first place. Mendizabal sounds more than ready to get back into the fray, already talking smack about his competitors: "There have been a lot of places opening up around and they’re just a replica of my product." [WUSA9]

Black & Orange

1300 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036-1746 202 296 2242

Black and Orange

1300 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC