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Donald Trump Plays Hardball Over Kluge Estate; And More

The latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed DC...
Photo from WSJ

CHARLOTTESVILLE—Here we go again. The twists and turns of the Kluge Estate have gotten twistier. Donald Trump owns the land outside the house that Bank of America owns. Click over for the details.

WEST VIRGINIA—The luxury Greenbrier resort is making it much easier for guests to get there. Starting next summer they will be able to make the six hour journey in a luxury train ride. Curbed has the details on the over-the-top amenities.

WESTERN SHORE—Channel Four's Wendy Rieger gave the Post a tour of her waterfront home. That lady can do a lot with pastels.

CAPITOL HILL—The Ron and Rand Paul duo tried living as roommates, but it wasn't working out. Rand explains why.

INNER HARBOR—Living on a houseboat has its pros and cons. This eight million dollar house has the best of both worlds.