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Jenna Bush Feels Market Pain; Highway Robbery For Parking

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All the latest real estate news from Curbed DC...
Photo from Curbed National

BALTIMORE—Jenna Bush took one on the chin for her house that has been on the market since December. Better luck next time, Jenna!

ADAMS MORGAN—Someone paid a hundred grand for one parking space and a few other people paid around fifty thousand. See the proof over on Curbed.

ALEXANDRIA—Gerald and Betty Ford lived in Alexandria for over twenty years and the house they built for their family has been on the market a few times since they left to move into classier digs on Pennsylvania Avenue. The last time it sold it went through a several hundred thousand dollar price chop, but you can still see all the pictures.

—Really good deals usually come with a catch and this $700K property (for five acres and five buildings) is no exception. C'mon, the Ronald McDonald paint job isn't that bad.

—St. Monica's church on the corner of 13th and Massachusetts has been turned into nine condos that still look like the church. The pictures and an interview with the designer are over on Curbed.