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El Centro's Bottomless Tequila Brunch; Cocktails At Ripple

LOGAN CIRCLE—Introducing a nominee for the hall of questionable ideas: a bottomless tequila brunch at El Centro DF. Launching on Saturday, the 14th Street restaurant is offering a pretty crazy brunch deal that involves as many "morning cocktails" as you can drink as well as all-you-can-eat of brunch tacos and the like from their menu. The catch is that you can only get this endless brunch if everyone at the table orders it. The brunch is both weekend days from 11 to 3. Let the tequila hangovers commence! [EaterWire]

CLEVELAND PARK—Finally, a way for high-class Harry Potter fans to geek out, too. The Feast goes to Ripple for their recipe for butterbeer, which of course needs to be served in a snifter or a goblet. On the other end of the spectrum, the Post discovers that the Cleveland Park restaurant also has a cocktail called the Rickey Pelvic Floor. And its proceeds go to charity. [The Feast, WaPo]

RATINGS—The City Paper notes that the latest edition of the Zagat Survey was released today and it is pretty much the same as always. [WCP]

[R. Lopez]


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