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Restaurant Eve's Purse Hooks Do Not Belong In Your Purse

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Welcome back to Shit People Steal, in which we ask restaurateurs what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.

restaurant-eve-260.jpgIn the latest edition of Shit People Steal, Restaurant Eve owner Meshelle Armstrong gives thieves the benefit of the doubt when they're taking shit from her Old Town Alexandria restaurant. After all, maybe they just thought those purse hooks were designed for the inside of their purses:

"People love to steal the purse hooks we give them to hang their purses at their table in the tasting room — for some reason, they think it's an amenity. Restaurant Eve pampers their guests SO much that they don't want them to place their purses on the ground...and some have placed them IN their purses. Then we politely tell them, 'Ma'am, it must have fallen in your purse.'"

And that's not all. Like every restaurant everywhere, there have been a lot of missing salt-and-pepper shakers over the years. Don't think they don't notice:

"We also have beautiful salt-and-pepper sets for the bistro, with pewter grinders. People love to steal this stuff too — once, when hosting a wedding, we lost 3 sets in one evening."

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Restaurant Eve

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