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In The Future, There Will Be No More TangySweet Locations

Restaurateur Aaron Gordon just opened Rabbit in Arlington, which he hopes is the first of many. His Red Velvet Cupcakery chain continues to grow with a recent expansion to Dubai. But don't expect to see his other property, the froyo store TangySweet, add any more outlets: "It's dead to me. We have a great store down in Penn Quarter. I love it and I'm keeping it, but after that there will be no more TangySweets."

Couple that with the impending shutter of their Dupont Circle location and could froyo be faltering in DC, even as Pinkberry makes its inroads? Warns Gordon, "We have a plethora of competitors who aren't thinking very well, so they're just putting store after store on top of each other."
—Nevin Martell
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