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Trump Talks; Horse Stables Sell; Former George Washington Hangout

All the latest from Curbed DC...
Photo from Trump's Channel

CHARLOTTESVILLE—Donald Trump Junior spoke about the plans his camp has to give the Kluge Estate and Winery the "Trump Touch". Click over for the video.

—An unusual property that used to be horse stables was recently sold for a tad over $2M. The seller, former local news anchor Tracey Neale, is credited with merging what had been split into two separate residences back to a more unified whole. The very odd angles of the rooms required some creativity in the design department. Curbed has the pictures.

NEW JERSEY—The architect of the Lincoln Memorial designed two private homes during his lifetime. One of them is for sale in New Jersey for a little over $4M. Curbed has pictures and video tour of the dramatic interior. [WSJ]

—A house that looks like a castle also has a fire-breathing dragon sculpture in the yard. It could do a number on Godzilla.

OLD TOWN—For Sale: A two hundred year old house that used to be a tavern where George Washington allegedly spent his last Fourth of July. This is what colonial style really looks like.