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Pho 14 Recognized as All-Star Cheap Eat; HR-57 to Serve Crepes

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS—Forbes does the math for you, finding the country's Best Eats for the Buck. Using Zagat's rating system, it divided each restaurant’s food score (1 to 30 based on food quality, décor and service) by its average cost. All of this data crunching arrives at D.C.'s only contribution to the list: the number seven pick, Pho 14, which is something any fifth-year doctoral candidate already knows. [Forbes]

ATLAS DISTRICT—Direct democracy rules HR-57 and the jazz fans, well, they want crepes. Why crepes? HR-57's Tony Jackson told Eater, the "people requested it. We said, 'Fine let's do it.'" Crepes service starts next Wednesday and will last from 12:30 p.m. until midnight, offering both sweet—nutella, pineapple—and savory—tuna, pulled pork— options. [@HStreetDC via Frozen Tropics]

BETHESDA— Geoff Tracy looks to win the geographical trifecta and land a Chef Geoff's in Bethesda, scooping up the spot formerly housed by the gastro pub, Againn Tavern. The deal isn't completely settled, but this would be its fourth location and first in Maryland; the many Chef Geoff's currently reside in downtown D.C., Northwest D.C. and Tysons Corner. [Bethesda Magazine]

SPERRYVILLE—Don't be so quick to dial up Sperryville, VA in your GPS. After Washington Post Magazine printed a lovely gift to Cafe Indigo, chef Sebastian Carosi no longer cooks there. [WaPo]

—Stefanie Gans

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