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Missing the Moral Excellence in Virtue Feed and Grain

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Tom Sietsema's online chat last week included a poster's critique of Virtue Feed and Grain and its inedible pork and manhandled oysters, and this week owner Meshelle Armstrong responded through the same forum. "Virtue, is exactly, as we planned," she wrote. "There are times when chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream is exactly what I want. It's not meant to 'impress' me. It's just meant to be easy, good and familiar."

Sietsema more or less stays out of it, but a later poster points out that Armstrong did not actually address why the food, well, kinda sucked.

This is not Meshelle and husband Cathal Armstrong's first dip into casual territory; they proved their crew can serve cheap and well-liked food, a la fish and chips joint, Eamonn's. So it is still a mystery why Meshelle insists Virtue's unfussy food doesn't have to impress customers. Even if the offerings are humble—and what's more unassuming than fried fish and fried potatoes—shouldn't the food be the best of what it is?

[Photo: R. Lopez]

Virtue Feed & Grain

106 S Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

106 South Union Street Alexandria, VA