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Political Paradises; Modernism And Nature; Under 300K Club

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Photo from Paradise Point

HAWAII—The winter vacation home (above) the Obamas have rented for the past three years just got a new neighbor. But who cares what that place looks like. It's the $3,500 per night house where the President stays that we want to see.

HAMPTONS—Speaking of which, this month the Bidens and the Clintons will be vacationing in the Hamptons in two separate, pricey rentals. Try and decide who rented it better with the rundown on Curbed.

16th ST HEIGHTS—Michelle Rhee's house has been on the market for a few months and now there's a sale pending. Will she get the $875,000 asking price?

HGTV—This TV channel is looking for locals who have recently redone their master suite and want to compete against others who did the same. If you did a great job on your reno, click here for details on how to apply.

THE MARKET—It's not all government employees and house porn over on Curbed, you know. We have some smarty-pants people running the numbers on housing data and this week we ran our monthly Pending Sales Index write-up. We also found an interesting story from the Center For Public Integrity about the millions politicians received from the big four mortgage servicers (such as Bank Of America). This was one of the most popular stories on our site this week.

ROCK CREEK—What is "ecology modernism"? It's what you get when you mix luxury architect Travis Price with three and a half million dollars. Click over for pictures of a super-stunning house and a video interview with the man himself.

UNDER 300K CLUB—Over on Curbed if we find a good deal we shout it from the rooftops. We have a new member for our Under 300K club.

CURBED—We're looking for real estate-obsessed people in Boston, Dallas, Denver, Miami, and New Orleans to become Curbed editors. Click here for details on how to apply.

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