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Peregrine's Delivery By Bike; 153,000 Pounds Of Fancy Foods

LOGAN CIRCLE—Looks like people who like to have their coffee beans delivered directly to their doors are going to be in luck soon. Peregrine tweeted a photo of the new Pedaler delivery bike for their Logan Circle shop today, saying that more details of its launch are coming soon. [Twitter]

CHARITYWIRE—So what happened to the 153,000 pounds of fancy foods and drinks that were abandoned at the Fancy Food Show last month? It all went to the DC Central Kitchen and now holds that organization's record for largest food donation of all time. That is indeed a lot of food. [EaterWire]

SHAW—The Feast gets some details on Thai Xing's expansion last month that doubled the restaurant's seating capacity to include the building's first and second floors. [The Feast]

[Photo: Twitter]

Peregrine Espresso

1718 14th St., NW, Washington, DC