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Chris Shott's Take On Shaw's Tavern Is Kind Of Depressing

In lieu of your standard review, the City Paper's Chris Shott visits the beleaguered Shaw's Tavern — which, yes, is still without a liquor license — for this week's Young & Hungry column, and man is it a downer. Servers sigh, head chef John Cochran says things "wistfully," and then there's the loneliness:

"The pair barely unfurled their umbrellas before backing out. It's a scene that lately has played out several times a night at this would-be gastropub. ... Guests come in. Guests find out there's no "pub" to speak of. Guests walk out — no matter how good the "gastro" part might be."

Also there's the drama of that whole liquor license debacle. Shott reports that at an August 10 hearing "a city inspector testified about documents allegedly doctored by a tavern manager, which were used to illegally obtain alcohol from wholesalers for pre-opening festivities." Yikes. The Alcohol Beverage Control Board is expected to rule on the issue for once and for all within 90 days — and Shott ponders whether Shaw's Tavern can even make it that long without booze.

But it's not all gloom, guys! Neighbors have started petitions to save the tavern and Shott does seem to like the food. So there's that.
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Shaw's Tavern [Photo: Facebook]

Shaw's Tavern

520 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001 202 518 4092

Shaw's Tavern

520 Florida Ave, NW, Washington, DC