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Pack Your Veggies For Amsterdam Falafelshop's Flash Mob

Stock up on vegetables now because they will become necessary for joining one of three flash mobs that Adams Morgan's Amsterdam Falafelshop is organizing this week to raise awareness for higher-quality vegetables in fast food restaurants. As owner and organizer Arianne Bennett explains, "We walk into a hot dog place or a hamburger place and you smell everything and it smells so good. You should walk into a place where vegetables are being carried and where the place smells absolutely delicious."

Unfortunately, vegetarians are apparently not great dancers. Bennett says they decided to skip the coordinated dance type of flash mob like all the other kids are doing these days as, "a lot of us would not be able to execute the movement." Instead, these flash mobbers will be pulling vegetables from their pockets, pumping them in the air and demanding more. Should you be so inclined to join — or just gawk — the mobs can be found at Gallery Place Metro station, Union Station and the back steps of the Capitol building on Wednesday at high noon.
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Amsterdam Falafelshop

2425 18th St, NW, Washington, DC