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ShopHouse Pictures Chipotle Didn't Mean To Show You Yet

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[ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen]

Chipotle might be tight-lipped about this whole ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen thing, but Eater readers are not. Via the tipline, we've learned that the fast-casual restaurant's website is available for your perusal as a directory of open files that were probably not meant for the public to see just yet. Whoops! Many are images of the food — peppers, spices and such — they'll be using, and there's a whole set of travel photography from what was presumably a research trip to Southeast Asia. They've got images of the buildout in the Dupont Circle space, plus an ingredients ordering list asking for five pounds of peeled garlic, a pound of lemongrass and more. Best of all, there is a photo of Chipotle's top employees (including chef Nate Appleman) with thought bubbles Photoshopped over their heads wondering things like what the staff will look like and calling the wok a piece of shit.

Another tipster reports taking part in a tasting promotion hosted at ShopHouse with none other than founder Steve Ells in attendance:

"My thoughts: good food, small portions. I had a bowl with rice noodles, tofu, Chinese broccoli, and tamarind sauce. The food was nicely spicy (good for me, but definitely too spicy for some friends of mine). Everything was fresh and flavorful and the stand out to me was the Chinese broccoli. The staff was friendly and the kitchen was bopping. Steve Ells was even there to say hi at the end of the counter! My only complaint: I left kinda hungry. For a similar price I can go get more food at any of the other Asian fusion places nearby. I'm also eager to see just how crowded it is during lunch time. Also, definitely get the pomegranate ginger ale." Anything important missing here? You know what to do.

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ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen

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