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Watch a Man in a Grape Suit Interview a Banana

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Last week, a 14-year-old Virginia student got suspended for running around his school's football field in a banana suit. What is the best way for local news to cover this story? By dressing up in a grape suit, you say? Why yes. NBC 4 reporter Pat Collins puts on his best grape impression in a very serious and not-at-all staged interview with Bryan "Banana Man" Thompson. The most important question, of course, is why Thompson went with the banana when he could have been any fruit: "I don't know. Potassium is great."

Collins concludes the interview by siding with the school: "It all starts with a banana. Then all of a sudden you have an apple and an orange and maybe a grape. Before you know it, you have fruit salad at the schools." The horror! Also, watch Banana Man in action for yourself with a bonus video from the initial incident.

Video: Banana Man Suffers the Fruits of His Actions

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Video: The Legend of Banana Man

· Banana Man's Suspension Suspended [NBC4 via DCist]