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New Parking Concept; Salahi's Auction; Under 300K Club; More!

All the latest real estate and neighborhood news from Curbed DC...
Can you spot the apricot trees for this Palisades house?

DISTRICT—A new concept for dealing with short-term parking is coming to DC and it has a rather unusual name: Parking Panda. It has nothing to do with the National Zoo, but click over to find out how you can make money off a spare parking space or find a place to park your car.

BRIGHTWOOD—This week's Under 300K Club listing is a bungalow in Northwest. The listing photos are atrocious, but the price and location are sweet.

CAPITOL HILL—A one hundred year old church called St. Monica's, was turned into a set of nine condos and the last of the nine to hit the market is also the most expensive. We finally got our hands on some pictures of the interior of the $1.2M, three-level unit. There are plenty of pictures of the rest of the units as well.

HUME, VA—The Salahi plot gets twistier. Last week one hundred and sixty nine items from their winery went to auction in an effort to pay off some creditors. Even though everything sold, those two are still in a lot of debt. Tareq bought some items back at the auction because he hopes to start a smaller winery once again.

PALISADES—Here's a new to market house with so many trees you would think you were in the suburbs. It's not just oaks and pines on the property, but persimmon, cherry, fig & apricot trees keep things exotic. The best part is it is under a million dollars...$999,900 to be exact.