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Rounding Up the Food Listicles From Coffee to Custard

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It's officially fall and that must mean it's arbitrary listicle season again. Not only did the Going Out Gurus just drop their fall guide — which includes updates to a few important listicles assessing DC's best spots for grilled cheese, mac and cheese and coffee — but Serious Eats and Good via the City Paper have contributions, too. Let's take a look at them.

Coffee: There is nary a Starbucks to be found on the Post's list of best coffee shops. They are all locally owned and many are pretty new to the scene, with the notable exception of Alexandria's 90-plus-year-old M.E. Swing Co. Other selections include Northside Social, Qualia and Chinatown Coffee Co.

Grilled cheese: The Going Out Gurus updated their list of 11 best spots for grilled cheese sandwiches, which unsurprisingly are often found in bars and taverns. Fancy options include Birch & Barley, Cava and Central Michel Richard.

Mac and cheese: The CapMac truck joins five brick-and-mortar restaurants on this all-important listicle from the Gurus. Birch & Barley apparently does cheese very well, as they're also included on this here list. Alexandria's expanding Cheesetique also makes the cut.

Sandwiches: Good has a nationwide list of sandwiches that are "culturally significant" and "locally-sourced." The DC nomination comes from none other than the City Paper's Chris Shott, who threw the question out to readers. The winning sandwich? The G-Man at Mangialardo and Sons.

Custard: It looks like the suburbs are your best bet for frozen custard, at least according to Serious Eats. Two-thirds of their custard list can be found out in Northern Virginia and Maryland, including the much beloved Dairy Godmother. DC proper shops are Shake Shack and Dickey's Frozen Custard.

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Northside Social [Photo: MacRae O./Yelp]