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Toki Underground Hosting a Ramen-and-Bao Pop-Up 'Shitshow' With Baohaus Chef Eddie Huang

Photos courtesy Toki Underground
Photos courtesy Toki Underground

Please mark your calendars for October 14 and 15, when you will be fighting the masses to get a seat at tiny H Street noodle shop Toki Underground. New York chef and Eater National's incorrigible Top Chef Masters recapper Eddie Huang is going to be in town and hopping on the line with chef Erik Bruner-Yang for a pop-up dinner. Bruner-Yang will be pumping out the ramen, Huang will be doing some of the signature steamed buns from Baohaus, and a top-secret DJ will be in the house. As Huang so eloquently puts it, this pop-up "should be a shitshow." In the good way.

The two chefs have never met in person, but Bruner-Yang explains that they've been talking via Twitter and are officially "brothers from another mother." Huang adds he was planning to be in DC that weekend anyway for a Redskins game (he grew up in the DC area) and was looking for the perfect spot for a pop-up while he was here because, you know, why not?

Fans of Baohaus should note that Huang is only bringing the original four baos from his menu down to DC: the Chairman Bao, Haus Bao, Uncle Jesse and Birdhaus Bao. You will not be able to order Toki's dumplings on these two evenings, but of course the ramen will be there in full force. As usual, you can't make any reservations here so for your waiting-in-line-pleasure: Friday night's service will begin at 7 p.m., and while Huang wanted Saturday's shift to begin at 12 so that he could leave early to party in DC, instead they will get started at 5 p.m.

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Toki Underground

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Toki Underground

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