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HM-Bobbys-burger-palace.jpgDespite decor that looks like it could have come from West Elm and thick milkshakes, Tom Sietsema is most definitely not a fan of Bobby's Burger Palace. The critic visits celebrity chef Bobby Flay's new burger joint on K Street for his First Bite and concludes that not only are the patties themselves lacking flavor, but "[j]ust about everything else we check out is as regrettable, from the tepid french fries and the wan onion rings to the Crunch Salad, strewn with as many tortilla chips as kidney beans: greens for people who hate them." [WaPo]

Bobby's Burger Palace

2121 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20037 202 974 6260

Bobby's Burger Palace

2121 K St, NW, Washington, DC