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Man Leaves $0 Tip, Tells Server His Time Is Worth More

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Austin Grill [Photo: Maya B./Yelp]

On Sunday night, a patron at one of Austin Grill's area locations left a really great tip for his server, Zachary: a whopping $0. And, to explain his totally logical reasoning, wrote on the receipt's tipline instead: "I make more money than you do. My time is worth more than yours."

Naturally, the first thing to do upon discovering such a receipt is to post it to Reddit with the words "Fuck this guy" Photoshopped over it. And now the fine people of Reddit are now debating the economics of tipping for one's time and what exactly was the economic message that the non-tipper was trying to send. One commenter sums it up: "I make more money than you, my time is worth more, so I'm going to punch you in the dick. It just flows logically." Here now, the receipt:

Austin Grill receipt:
[Photo: Reddit]

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