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Pizzaiolo Edan MacQuaid Gets His Own Spot on 14th

Not wanting anyone to beat him to the punch, Don Rockwell reveals the scoop he's been sitting on for awhile, and it's a great one. Pizzaiolo Edan MacQuaid — the man whose pizzas got everyone to trek out to Falls Church when he was at Pizzeria Orso — will be getting his very own restaurant.

According to Rockwell, Local 16 owner Aman Ayoubi is putting his pizza consultant MacQuaid in charge of the space on 14th Street that he's been sitting on for years. This space was at one point supposed to open as a spinoff named Local 14 and speculation has been building in recent days about what exactly might become of it. Indeed, Borderstan reported just this morning that Local 14 is up for a liquor license application renewal at its local ANC meeting tonight.

So what can Washingtonians expect from this new pizza spot? Rockwell shares quite a few details of what "will be a casual, dive kind of place with a wood-fired oven." Expect an open kitchen, a small rooftop and, oh yes, Neapolitan-style pizza:

Food wise, the menu is forming as 4-5 pizze, and a small menu of constantly changing items. They are hoping to have the oven built on site (3rd floor) by Napolitan builders, and are also discussing the possibility of a wood grill.

So there you go, 14th Street and MacQuaid devotees. There's no name or timeline yet, but, hey, something to look forward to.

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1832 14th St, NW, Washington, DC