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'Shit Mixologists Say' Drinking; Alice Waters' Portrait

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Drinks board at The Passenger
Drinks board at The Passenger
Photo: @betterdrinking

MT VERNON SQUARE—This evening, bartender mixologist Derek Brown tweeted the above photograph of the drinks board at The Passenger — a full embrace of that whole Shit People Say meme, specifically the Shit Bartenders Say video. So, get a "That'll Be $18.50" — otherwise known as a Thomas Handy Manhattan — for, yes, $18.50. [Twitter]

EVENTWIRE—The National Portrait Gallery is officially installing a portrait of Alice Waters tomorrow evening, an event which will involve Waters in conversation with José Andrés, plus a reception with food from chefs such as Andrés, Cathal Armstrong, Todd Gray and Mike Isabella. Tickets are $100 for just the portrait presentation and the reception, meanwhile adding tickets to the Waters-Andrés conversation will bump it up to $200. [EaterWire]

LOGAN CIRCLE—CityEats takes a look at ChurchKey by the numbers and it's pretty damn impressive. There are 6,000 beers in the inventory, 60 pounds of bottles recycled every day and their record for most tater tots sold in one night is 1,558. [CityEats]

AWARDS SEASON—The Good Food Awards went down in San Francisco last weekend and Red Apron Butchery came away with a win in the charcuterie category for their Crème de Cochon lardo. [EaterWire]

VAN NESS—Thrillist reports that Jake's American Grille is opening a basement game room called Jake's Boiler Room as of tomorrow. [Thrillist]

The Passenger

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The Passenger

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