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Wine-Lovers Tell General Manager to Go 'F*ck' Himself

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When out to dinner on a Monday night, what better way to end things than with a note to the restaurant's general manager encouraging him to go fuck himself?

A tipster, employed at a local restaurant, writes in this week with the story of a table of six — self-dubbed "The Wine Table" — who wanted to drink a lot of wine without buying it from the actual restaurant. When they were denied because of the restaurant's policy only permitting corkage on two bottles, they were not too pleased and left a not-too-friendly note for him. The worst part? It was not even good wine! The horror. Here's the story — and the note:

"The premise: Party of 6 coming in for our reduced price Monday night menu...bringing with them 7 bottles of wine. We explained we only allow guests corkage on 2 bottles and therefore 7 bottles was too many. I guess that was not satisfactory to the guests as they left that lovely note.

Whatever happened to classy restaurant guests? Its certainly not classy to bring 7 bottles of wine to a restaurant (not to mention that causes a liability for us if someone gets too drunk and gets hurt)...and its so not classy to leave such a friendly note.

OH and from what I understand, the wines were the average $15-20 grocery wines, certainly not the "special" bottles most guests bring when they bring their own wine."

Anyone from The Wine Table out there? Hit the tipline.

The note: