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Local Island For Sale; DC Most Popular City To Move To

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from CurbedDC...

DISTRICT—Atlas Van Lines has published the 'migration patterns' of the people who use their service and DC has come out on top for the sixth year in a row.

PENN QUARTER—Somewhere near the top of the list of quintessential DC address is the Newseum Residences. Luckily there's a unit available for rent right now for $6,500 a month.

KALORAMA—If you have heard of the Baltimore rapper Biz Markie then this house might interest you. He toured it recently when filming the show “Celebrity House Hunters” since he is looking for a place in DC. Click over to see if you think the crib has got what it takes to fulfill the needs of an up and coming rapper.

BALTIMORE—There's a mansion for sale that spent part of its life as a funeral home, but now it is a luxurious home with an attached nine-unit rental building for extra income.

WEST END—The glassy, yet classy, condo building at the corner of 22nd and M Street has a condo for sale with an ask of $1,833,500. It isn't their premier unit, called The Point, but it is pretty close. We do have a video tour of The Point for the curious.

PETWORTH—This neighborhood wins again for having an Under 300K Club house that isn't a shithole (that's really all it takes to be a member of the club).

OCCOQUAN—Off the coast of Virginia is a small island, roughly a quarter of an acre, that can be yours for less than half a million dollars.