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NRG Reveals More Details on New Brewery/Restaurant

It was announced back in June that the Neighborhood Restaurant Group was contributing two concepts to the new development near Nationals Park called The Yards — both an outpost of Buzz Bakery and their very own craft brewery with a companion restaurant. Not much has leaked out since then in the way of details, but today the Washington Post learns a few things worth noting:

1) The brewery has officially named a brewmaster in Megan Parisi, notable not only because she's the former lead brewer at Cambridge Brewing Company but also because she's a lady brewer and there aren't a whole lot of those around here. And we can apparently expect a lot of innovation and a lot of sour beers from this project.

2) In a larger piece about breweries in DC, the Post notes: "NRG intends to have a pantry that will be used by both cooks and brewers, filled with locally foraged herbs, spices and other ingredients."

3) The reports also describe: "a full-scale production brewery, a brewpublike tasting room (with a single long table and 20 or so barrels for aging sour beers) and a 200-plus-seat restaurant overseen by Birch & Barley/ChurchKey executive chef Kyle Bailey."

Eater followed up with NRG rep Megan Bailey who explained that while the restaurant hasn't gotten a lot of press since the announcement it has always been a part of the plan. But, she says, it will be a big restaurant with a large outdoor patio. Also, though they have not yet gotten into tasting or menu development, it will, of course, feature Kyle Bailey's familiar style of cooking.

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Boilermaker Shops [Rendering: DC Yards]