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Watch Eater Get Burger King Delivered to McDonald's

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Over the past few weeks, Burger King has been busily rolling out a test drive of its new delivery service in the suburbs of Washington, DC. The service could soon be expanded nationwide and so naturally this calls for an investigation. The burning question: Will Burger King deliver to McDonald's?

Oh yes. Burger King did indeed deliver two Whopper combos to Ronald McDonald's house in Arlington, Virginia, but with one caveat: the delivery guy drew the line at actually stepping inside the restaurant. Though the initial phone call took about 10 minutes — the guy at the California call center had a tough time with the address — the food arrived in about 15 minutes, wrapped in special containers separating the hot patty side from the lettuce and tomato side of the burger. Here's the video:

Ordering Burger King at McDonald's:

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40 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA