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Watch Spike Mendelsohn and Mike Isabella Talk About Béarnaise and Stripper Poles

Sure why not, here's a clip of Spike Mendelsohn and Mike Isabella hanging out — or, rather, "having fun, living like rock stars" — on last night's episode of Life After Top Chef, the new and critically panned Bravo show that follows around former cheftestapants. While Isabella is not technically on the show, this week's episode featured the two chefs playing with their scooters. As Spike says: "We think we're super cool. People probably think we're super douchey."

The two DC-based chefs also talk about their new restaurants Kapnos and Béarnaise over breakfast. Turns out, their mutual buddy Brad Race is going to be the chef at Béarnaise, which Spike and his sister are developing themselves. And while the restaurant space is rather small, Isabella suggests they install a stripper pole. Here's the clip.

Video: Life After Top Chef

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313 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20003


313 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, DC