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New 9:30 Club Neighbors; Watergate Luxury For $4.25M

All the latest news about where you live from Curbed DC...

U STREET(ISH)—Things are a changin' for the 9:30 Club neighborhood. JGB is going to build two residential buildings on the same block with ground floor retail that fits in with the people who come to see shows. Click over for all the details.

HORROR STORIES—If you need more fodder for how DC's bureaucracy is sucking the lifeblood out its residents, why not read this horror story of a first time home buyer is caught in the middle.

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS—The boutique condo capital of the Nation's Capital must surely be this neighborhood. Here are a few more to look at and if that isn't enough here's some on Harvard Street. Everything is in the starter home or almost-starter home price range.

MT VERNON—Bar Crawl Living took a spin around The Eagle, Lux Lounge, and New York Avenue Beach Bar to find places to live so you can stumble home instead of driving.

FOGGY BOTTOM—One of the most expensive, and quite luxurious, units at the Watergate is now for sale for $4.25M. Oh, baby, is that walk-in closet a scene stealer.

COLUMBIA, MD—We've seen brutalist architecture in a few public buildings, but this is the first time we've seen a private home bring the forceful design to fruition.

NUMBERS—As is our monthly ritual we mapped last month's house sales by zip code for the District.

RACKED—This week the retail ledger says that Stacy London was in town, we learned that Michael Andrews Bespoke has opened their appointment books for their opening later this month, a fair trade venue is opening in Arlington and much more.