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The Best Places To Rent; We Want Your Horror Stories

All the latest news about where you live from Curbed DC...
We added some newly delivered apartment buildings to our list of the hottest buildings to rent in right now.

HEAT MAPS—One of the frequent questions we're asked is what are the best buildings to live in—especially for people who want to rent instead of buy. Thus we have for you our Rental Heat Map of some of the city's best buildings to live in right this very second.

HORROR STORIES—We're looking for the region's worst rental horror stories. Have you experienced crazy landlords? Crazy roommates? Crazy vermin? Or, better yet, all three? Send a description of the horror into our tipline and we'll put them up for a vote (while keeping all identities anonymous). The winner of our DC site goes on to compete against winners from all the other Curbed cities for the chance to win $2,500. You don't have to be a current renter in order to win.

FITNESS WIRE—We heard that there was a DC men's naked yoga group that borrowed studio space so they could get their downward dog on. Naturally, that calls for a look into some of the other niche-y exercise options in the city and a subsequent map of where they all are. Click over for primal workouts, trapeze arts, strip teasing, and more.

RACKED—Passion Pit was in the house to celebrate the new location for Intermix, plus you can score a free blowout at Drybar if you're lucky, a fancy men's store comes to Georgetown, and more retail news.

KALORAMA—Nine new condos are coming to California Street. The developers haven't finalized all the details for each unit, but we do have the details on three of them. Those three range from $850K to over a million (for the penthouse) and all are expected to deliver by the end of next year.

WATERFRONT—This week's Bar Crawl Living adds salt to the Nats wound by looking at places to live near Ziegfeld's and the Nats Park area. Leave the car at home so you can drown your sorrows as much as you like and then crawl home to sleep it off.

14TH STREET—The building that used to be where telephone operators would work the switchboards has now become a condo building with a few dozen loft-like units. We took a look inside the model unit and have a few details on prices and the no-parking availability downside.