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What Are DC's Stone-Cold Stunners?

Rasika West End, a possible Stone-Cold Stunner/Photo: R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

The Third Annual Eater Awards are just a couple weeks away, which is your opportunity to vote on your favorite chefs, hot spots, restaurateurs and more. Remember last year? Readers singled out places like Birch & Barley and Toki Underground for being standout performers. Who will they select this time around?

Time will tell, but in the meantime, Eater has a brand new category for the 2012 Awards: Stone-Cold Stunners. This award is all about design, whether it be dining rooms, menus, or even the smallest details such as a restaurant's business cards. This doesn't have to be someone new to the scene; it can be a classic favorite that still looks great. To put it succinctly, What's the best looking restaurant in DC?

Share your nominations for the Stone-Cold Stunner award by weighing in below in the comments section, or by sending a favorite to our tipline. We'll be reviewing the nominees closer to the awards. And if you're really hardcore, don't forget you can travel to New York for our star-studded Eater Eve event (tickets available here).

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