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José Andrés Class Offers Sneak Peek of New Minibar

Minibar entrance.
Minibar entrance.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Students at Harvard enrolled in the zany molecular gastronomy class from José Andrés at Harvard not only get to see the chef make water mousse and extol the wonders of gelatin. They also got a sneak peek at the new and larger minibar, set to open in just a couple weeks in the former Zola Wine & Kitchen Space.

Video of the lecture is available on YouTube, and at around minute 38, Andrés takes his class on a virtual tour of the restaurant, using 3-D renderings (see screenshots above). Many of the details have been described before — 12 seats instead of six, a cool lounge area for patrons to wait in before dining, etc. But the tour really pulls together what the place will be like visually.

For more on the class itself, head over to Eater National. Here's the video.

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