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Free Appetizers by Year's End? Tracking Piola DC

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Piola Arlington
Piola Arlington
Photo: Yelp
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

D.C. residents don't admit to being jealous of Arlington very often. But the reception last year to the news that Rosslyn pizza haunt Piola would be opening a D.C. location was enthusiastic enough to demonstrate that the restaurant's super-popular happy hour must have some fans in the city. But though Piola signed the lease for 2208 14th St. NW last spring, construction has lagged.

Utilities issues have been the main problem, particularly given how old the building is, according to owner Nabil Achi. They've had some permitting delays as well, he said. "We're probably about two months away from opening," he said. "We'd like to be open by Christmas, but it seems like it may be more the end of the year."

They do have approvals to do some outside construction work, which they'll be doing in earnest as soon as possible. It'll probably be almost a month before the water is turned on, he said.

The second Piola, though it stretches over two floors (and will feature a big skylight), will be fairly similar to the Arlington location (which recently got a remodel with more wood accents, tables which encourage standing, and a slightly toned-down color scheme). The design is meant to be earth friendly, and emphasizes reclaimed wood, according to Achi. The design incorporates some of the buliding's old brick, and will have a terrace (though that probably won't be open until next spring).

The menu isn't finalized, but it will be just about the same as Arlington, though the first couple weeks might mean a slightly smaller selection of sandwiches and pizzas. They'll do lunch only on the weekends at first, and naturally the aperitivo happy hour will take place on 14th Street. Virginia's strict laws around alcohol may mean better drink discounts for D.C. customers, Achi said. Ok, now you can be jealous again, Rosslyn.

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