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Dave Grohl Sings About Virginia; Mega-Projects Incoming

All the latest real estate news from Curbed DC...

MT PLEASANT—A new boutique condo building (that used to be a huge mansion) has twelve units for sale that retain parts of the original lush design. Click over for the pictures, prices, and info about the open house next Wednesday.

DEVELOPMENT WIRE—Major developments are happening all over the region, but here are the eight delivering in the semi-near future that will have the biggest impact.

ARLANDRIA—Foo Fighter founder Dave Grohl wrote this song called Arlandria, recorded three albums at a house in Alexandria, and spent the early part of his life in Springfield, Va. The new book out about him goes into lots of local deets.

BROKERBABBLE—The latest addition to the Brokerbabble Glossary is the word 'space-saving'. It seems to show up when talking about kitchens so we pulled together a few examples that the brokers say are spacesaving.

GREAT FALLS—Rich people need rustic too. Here's a log cabin in the neighborhood usually reserved for McMansions and bigger.

RACKED—In retail news this week: Willow's Fashion opened, a group for helping men look good is up and running, and there's a rundown on DC-sourced Etsy finds.

INTERWEBS—When the world found out that Ikea photoshopped women out of their catalogs for Saudi Arabia the internet responded with this Tumblr of iconic images with the women replaced by Ikea furniture. Madonna became a floor lamp.

CANDIDATE WIRE—Those running for President have a difference of opinion and a difference in home ownership. We have an infographic that compares the home(s) of Romney and Obama.