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The Early Word on TAAN, Ramen in Adams Morgan

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Photo: Yelp
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

The ramen craze continues, with the opening of TAAN in Adams Morgan, right near the new-ish Sakuramen in the same neighborhood. The restaurant from chef Jonathan Bisagni opened two weeks ago and offers choices like rice balls and corn fritters to go with its traditional noodle soups. But how does the ramen stack up to both recent competitors and stalwarts like Toki Underground? Hear what the early bird critics from Yelp and beyond had to say.

The One-Sentence From A Critic News: No full reviews have appeared from the professional critics yet but Young & Hungry's Jessica Sidman Tweeted that she was "Digging the pork belly ramen" there Nov. 1. [Twitter]

The Broth Upcharge News: Commenter Alex from Prince of Petworth thought the mase-men was delicious, but warns that there is an upcharge for extra broth. "If one desires he/she can order extra broth for an extra $2 which puts the price at $17!! Pretty steep for ramen." [PoP]

The Rustic Apothecary Vibe News: UrbanDaddy describes the decor, with its "exposed wooden beams, salvaged doors hanging over the bar and a giant stockpot adorning the front window (so you know the place is legit)" and urges readers to try cocktails accented with savory ingredients lik soy and Japanese chili powder. [UrbanDaddy]

The Inevitable Comparison to Sakuramen News: Commenter porcupine on Don Rockwell said his friends would be "sticking with Sakuramen" after trying TAAN, but he was more impressed. "I'd be happy with a bowl from either place, but as I said, noodle soup is one of my favorites." [DonRockwell]

The So Early It Hasn't Opened Yet News: Blog Forking DC tries the ramen and a cocktail before the restaurant even debuts, and finds the corn fritters and duck ramen "solid." "While I would have liked a little bit more "pow" from the duck ramen, I'm not holding it against anyone since they haven't even officially opened yet." [Forking DC]

The Twitter News: Twitter user @ellinida_dc gives Taan this shoutout: "Tried the triple stock ramen @ #taan noodles #dc. Might be my fave so far. #NoodleLove." [Twitter]

The Backhanded Compliment News: Taan's doing well on Yelp, with 21 reviews and 4 out of 5 stars. One fan is Jeff. L, who says, "As for the ramen, it may well be the best in DC but we all know that isn't saying a whole lot. The bowls could stand for some more meat, I would say, but the broth was good and really hit the spot. Some interesting (if slight) variations on traditional bowls as well." [Yelp]

The Vegetarian News: Miss B. on Yelp tries a couple vegetarian options at TAAN and says, "The broth was more of a thick corn chowder - totally unexpected, very flavorful and the additions were nice - a seasoned dried tomato, green onions and some spice". [Yelp]

The Gasp! Canned Sake News: Yelper aninda m isn't thrilled with the sake prices at TAAN. "We ordered one that was $15 thinking it would be a half bottle... and it was like the size of one of those Starbucks canned espresso things... and yes it WAS INDEED canned! Canned sake for $15? Don't insult me. We sent it right back before popping the top." [Yelp]


1817 Columbia Rd NW Washington, DC