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Scenes From Knob Creek's Dinner Series at Birch & Barley

Theo Rutherford, a Knob Creek Distillery expert, captivated the table with his intricate knowledge of the wide world of bourbon and Knob Creek's rightful place as the standard bearer of pre-prohibition flavor—that is, the way bourbon is supposed to taste.

A velvety Knob Creek Bourbon-infused gelee folded into a tender beef tartare began the evening. But it was the striped bass "Sazerac" that came out the front runner, with the anise notes of the fennel garnish echoed in the vanilla spiciness of Knob Creek's Rye Whiskey. Not one complaint was heard when the pork belly and lamb buttressed by the robust caramel notes of a Knob Creek Single Barrel haggis sauce graced the table, and no one cried "too full" when the caramelized apple with Knob Creek bourbon vanilla ice cream and bacon caramel was served.

On a crisp fall night at Washington DC's beloved nose-to-tail mecca, Birch & Barley, a select group of bourbon lovers were serenaded by the warm, bold flavors of Knob Creek bourbon and a decadent, bourbon-infused feast, designed by head chef, Kyle Bailey.

[Photos: Jeffrey Martin]