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Black Lime, Chop't, Wildwood Kitchen Open

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

1) Merrifield: Though progress on restaurant openings over at the Mosaic District has been slow, here's a place to at least relieve your sweet tooth. Artisan Confections is now open, and they're having a grand opening party with hot chocolate, candy samples and more. Status: Certified open. 2910 District Ave. Fairfax; website.

2) Crystal City: Black Lime Cafe has opened in Arlington, and co-founders Paul Stratmeyer and David Levitt want to bring at least a dozen more locations of the brand to the Baltimore and DC region over the next five years, so get used to seeing it. The pair also run DelMarVa's Taphouse, opening next month in Sterling and later coming to Arlington and Quantico next year. Status: Certified open. 2450 Crystal City Drive, Arlington; website.

3) Bethesda: Chop't has opened its location in the Wildwood Shopping Center in North Bethesda. Lines were long but moving briskly Friday. That shopping center is also the home to Wildwood Kitchen (see below). Status: Certified open. 10307 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, Suite 3; website.

4) Bethesda: Wildwood Kitchen, the newest creation from Robert Wiedmaier, is more casual than his usual spots and eschews butter in its recipes. It will host a limited dinner seating tonight, and keep abbreviated hours over the weekend. Eater will have an interview with the architect Monday talking more about the restaurant's design. Status: Softly open. 10223 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, website.

5) Bethesda: Bethesda can't get too many restaurants today, can it? The last is Vino Volo, debuting its first location outside of an airport. The wine bar serves flights and small plates. Status: Open today. 7243-7247 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda; website.

Black Lime Cafe

2450 Crystal Drive, Arlington Va