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Renters Week Madness; Amazing Amenities; Horror Stories; Craigslist Crazies

All the latest news about where we live from Curbed DC...
The Twitter wall at AVA H Street is just one of the renter amenities we learned about this week.

PRICES—The first question every renter wants to know is how much does this place cost. So we've gathered up a few listings in five different price categories—from $1,500 to $2,500—to show everyone how much space you can get for each one.

NEW BUILDINGS—This is the week when we looked at as many new apartment buildings as we could. That means we have an inside look at Archstone First and M and Trilogy NoMa. Plus we have some updated details on AVA H Street and 360 H Street, as well as what's going on with Grayson Flats in Arlington and Kennedy Row in Capitol Hill. We also have a running list of some of the best amenities in town.

HOLIDAYS—Renters, and homeowners, sometimes want to get out of the city for a while so we looked at some places you can rent for a week or two in the more bucolic outreaches of the DC area. A few of them were built around the Civil War time, including the Poor Farm that housed widows and orphans of soldiers. It doesn't look so poor anymore.

RACKED DC—In big fashion news C. Wonder opened at Tysons this week and Intermix is making its way out there too. Plus, the Inaugural Ball fashion machine has kicked into high gear.

BAR CRAWL LIVING—We kept things in the Dupont nabe this week for our look at where to live if you don't want to drive home from a night out. Dupont Italian Kitchen was the watering hole of choice.

RENTAL STORIES—We asked some DCites about their rental experiences and Sabrina Soto of HGTV chimed in with her DIY trick for throwing a huge dinner party in a small DC house. Plus local band leader Jessice Dye from Lightfoot gave the rundown on her memorable first DC rental. We also have our standard round up of regular folk with horrible rental experiences in DC.

DESIGN HOUSE—Every year a team of designers take over a for-sale house and give the rooms their personal touch. They they invite the public to come and tour it as a way to raise money for Children's Hospital. The DC Design House for 2013 was announced earlier and it is a brand new home about to go on the market for $15M.

HISTORY WIRE—Every day this week we profiled a different iconic DC apartment building to find out how it came to be. The Kennedy Warren, Northumberland Apts (now condos), and more get the treatment.

CRAIGSLIST—In our Renters Week tradition of finding the weirdest of the weird on Craigslist, we came across some vegans, Zumbaphobes, and more strange landlords.