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Carryout Owner Pleads Guilty; JV's Celebrates 65 Years

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS— Young & Hungry reports that the owner of DC Fish Carryout pled guilty to distributing crack cocaine. Yes, the sales were happening inside the restaurant, according to the government's evidence. [WCP]

VIRGINIA and MARYLAND— Might be a good night for Chop't or sweetgreen instead?Wegmans is recalling bags of its organic spinach and spring mix sales due to E. coli fears. [AP, via WTOP]

FALLS CHURCH— MetroConnection's DC Dives feature visits JV's Restaurant, which just celebrated 65 years in business. It's a place for blues music, country, classic rock, and even gospel. [WAMU]

EVERYWHERE— Eater told you where to watch the debates; now, Washingtonian comes back with a list of 10 great spots for drinking away Election Night. [Best Bites]

JV's Restaurant [Photo: Yelp]

JV's Restaurant

6666 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, VA