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Trucks Weather Storm; Arlington Changes Could Come

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

DC— The Food Truck Association is trying to drum up support for changes to the DC regulations using this new website. The site has a form for submitting public comments and outlines the group's position on the new rules. [EaterWire]

DC— Tim Carman has a wrap-up on how food trucks weathered Hurricane Sandy. Parking may have been free, but there were hardly any customers to serve. That could mean about 5,000 lost meals over a two day period for association members alone. [WaPo]

ARLINGTONChanges to Arlington's own food truck laws won't happen until at least next year. The county's been in talks with the trucks for some time to see if restrictions such as the fact trucks must move after 60 minutes could be amended. Jill Griffin in the Arlington Economic Development reached out to Eater to say that any changes will be part of the county's larger Retail Action Plan, which is going to be presented in front of the County Board in the first quarter of next year. At that point, staff would recommend a course of action that elected officials would either move forward with or reject. [EaterWire]

DC— Earlier this week, two new trucks hit the street. The Salsa Room features empanadas, while Tokyo in the District is all about bento. [-EDC-]

[Photo: The Salsa Room/Twitter]