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Most Expensive Houses; Giuliana Rancic's Brother Lists

One of DC's most expensive houses for sale.
One of DC's most expensive houses for sale.

THE DMV—There are dozens of expensive houses for sale around here, but what about the top of the top? That belongs to either an $18M home in DC or a $32M proposed build in McLean. We've mapped the top ten for DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

HAUNTED HOUSES—The map craze continues, this time with some of the creepier places in DC. Ghost stories, murder scenes, and former funeral parlors are on the list.

POTOMAC—Giuliana Rancic, the perky host of E! News and too many other fashion shows to count has a brother. A brother who lives in Potomac, sings opera, and is selling his mansion for just under $5M.

CRAIGSLIST—In case you missed the now-viral Craigslist ad by two 'renaissance bros' looking for someone to join their pride, here it is for your reading pleasure.

BAR CRAWL LIVING—Union Pub was this week's choice of watering hole to find places to live within walking distance.

WHITE HOUSE—This year's Halloween party was cancelled at the White House, but we rounded up some pictures from the past few years that show what would have gone down if a bitch named Sandy didn't roll through town.

LEDROIT PARK—The former Gage School was turned into some lovely condos and one of them is on the market. It barely looks like a place kids gathered to learn, but it does look like a place to live.

FOOD TOURS—Sidetour has just launched in DC, after spreading their wings in New York, and their usual selection of unusual experiences in DC is now available. Brew your own beer or learn about urban gardening, perhaps? Or for the non-foodies, you can test drive an electric car, learn how to break dance, have a CIA disguise expert teach you how to go undercover and so much more.