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Black Friday Means Dining, Not Just Shopping Deals

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

The first of them came yesterday, when Z-Burger announced its Black Friday Burger (free to the first 100 guests on Friday, half off to everyone else). And more are on the way. It's not only malls and shops that get into the Black Friday craziness after Thanksgiving. Restaurants are doing their own specials as well.

Girl Meets Food has a round-up of lots of Black Friday dining deals around town. This means everything from free food at Ikea (Swedish meatballs, anyone?), specials at La Sandia in Tysons Corner, burporken (yes, that's a beef, pork and chicken burger) at Red Palace and free Starbucks coffee at Sam's Club.

Several restaurants are also opting to serve brunch, despite the fact that it isn't the weekend, on Black Friday. Eater told you about Jackson 20 and Firefly yesterday. There's also the unlimited tapas brunch special at Boqueria; Georgetown's Bandolero is open for brunch as well.

Chef Will Artley tells Eater that Pizzeria Orso will offer buy one pizza, get one pizza free during lunch hours on Black Friday. And those who say the magic word, "pink" over at Society Fair can get a 10 percent discount on purchases.

Meanwhile, if proximity is more relevant for your Black Friday needs, don't forget about Eater's guide to Where to Take a Breather on Black Friday. Hear of any other Black Friday restaurant specials? Let us know in the comments.

· Where to Take a Breather on Black Friday [-EDC-]

Red Palace [Photo: Facebook]

Red Palace

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