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DC Bartenders Love Fernet Branca, The Passenger

It would seem natural to ask the experts where they like to drink after work and what they order. But as it turns out, after a long, late shift, options are limited. So most bartenders tend to head to a few of the same spots, where they can end the night hard or bitter. So next time you're out and about late in the night, check out these hits from some of our favorite bartenders.

Adam Bernbach, Proof and Estadio: "Dodge City for bourbon and beer or Tabard Inn (if I'm lucky to get off that early) and/or cocktails."

Josh Berner, Ripple: "I'm a total homebody, so usually I just head to my couch for a relaxing glass of whiskey, tequila or amaro. But if I do head out, I head down to Nanny O'Briens and have a beer and a shot of whiskey. Lately I've been drinking the rich, and malty Monk's Blood from 21st Amendment Brewery. Sometimes I'll get crazy with a gin and tonic."

Alexandra Bookless, The Passenger: "Mine might not be the most exciting, but it's my own bar, The Passenger, and a beer and a shot of rye whiskey. So original, right?"

Jeff Faile, Fiola: "I don't get out too much, but when I do it's usually to The Passenger where it's a beer of some sort and a shot of rye."

Ronald Flores, Art & Soul: "Room 11 for a burnt sugar old fashioned."

Jon Harris, Firefly: "Usually I go to Bar Pilar on 14th Street, where I get Schaefer's Beer and some Fernet. Or James Hoban which is a couple doors down from Firefly where I get the Boulevard Farmhouse Ale and Powers Irish Whisky."

Taha Ismail, Graffiato: "The Passenger for Fernet Branca on tap."

Frank Jones, The Gibson: "Considering all the places I could go I really have to say that my favorite after-work hang out is Paramount Annie's...My usual order is a shot of Jameson - neat, with a Bombay Sapphire Martini - up, with olives. Sorry it's not more exciting, but after shaking Ramos Gin Fizzes all night I just want simplicity and maybe a burger and fries. Plus the bartenders are hilarious and friendly!

Eddie Kim, Room 11: Typically, I'm not out of work before last call at other bars. But on my sacred day off, Monday, I go to Bedrock Billiards and grab an english cider on ice. And if I win my match, a shot of Clontarf. Otherwise if I have the luxury of grabbing a drink before last call, I'll take any amari on the rocks, which usually ends up being Campari.

Amy Russell, Jack Rose:"If I get off in time, I head to Chadwick's and order a Negroni on the rocks. If the kitchen is still open, I get an order of pecan chicken."

Bryan Tetorakis, Rogue 24: "After work it's usually a toss up between The Passenger and American Ice Co. I go to The Passenger to be with industry friends, and to American Ice to be close to home. My drink of choice is always either a shot of rye or green chartreuse and and IPA."

Chantal Tseng, Tabard Inn: "Bedrock Billiards or the Columbia Room for a seasonal tap beer or a dry sherry."
—Jamie Liu

Bryan Tetorakis [Photo: Nevin Martell/]

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