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Non-Beer Items on Tap, from Prosecco to Fernet

Photo: asmythie/Flickr
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Most people are accustomed to beers on tap — the packaging naturally lends itself to the practice. But along with increased speed of pouring, restaurants are starting to see the practical benefits of putting wine and liquor on tap. Kegged wines are less exposed to the elements, preventing oxidation, which keeps the wine fresh. As for cocktails on tap, pre-mixing helps to relieve some of the workload for slammed bartenders.

So if you want a better glass of wine or you want your drinks more quickly, hit one of these places for a drink on tap.
—Jamie Liu

2 Amys - Wine
Probably the most unique of the wine on tap in D.C. is 2 Amys Hipster Cuvee. Following in the steps of beer-centric bars like Brasserie Beck, the red wine is made by Chef/Owner Peter Pastan's California winery.

Bandolero - Margaritas
Bandolero spices up the standard margarita with their tap. Rather than going for the usual lime margarita, the El Bandolero with Espolon blanco tequila, Patron citronage, and lime adds a bitter twist with the addition of blood orange. Get it by the glass or the pitcher.

Bar Rouge - Wine
Bar Rouge regularly features a white, red, and rosé on tap. At the moment, they are pouring an Il Campo white blend, Gotham Project rosé from New York, and a Katas garnacha from Spain.

Del Frisco Grille - Shots
The most dangerous of the items of tap are Del Frisco Grille's shots. But if you don't care, try the Honey Badger with tuaca, fresh sweet and sour mix, and pineapple juice. Or you can go for The Partisan with silver tequila, pomegranate, blood orange, and passion fruit.

District Kitchen
District Kitchen currently has the most kegged wines. Order by the glass or carafe, and you'll be able to choose from Baileyana chardonnay, Tangent albarino, Trenza tinto, or Gotham Project cabernet sauvignon.

El Chucho - Margaritas
While there have been discussions as to which on tap margarita came first, El Chucho's or Bandolero's, it hardly seems to matter when you're sitting on the rooftop deck at El Chucho during warmer months. There you can get the El Codo with silver tequila, triple sec and lime for a quick shot of fiesta.

Graffiato - Prosecco
Probably the most popular of the wine options on tap, the prosecco on tap at Graffiato excited many around town. And why not? Slightly dry and fizzy, it's just the thing to accompany a little bit of Italian food by way of Jersey.

Jack Rose - Whiskey and cocktails
If your crew can't decide whether they want cocktails or hard liquor on tap, head to Jack Rose. Right now you can choose from a 5-year Willett rye whiskey or the house variation on the Negroni.

Matchbox 14th Street - Wine and prosecco
This new addition to the scene (it opens Friday) has eight wines plus prosecco on tap (not to mention many beers). Selections range from an Acrobat pinot gris to a Gotham Project zinfandel.

The Passenger - Fernet Branca
If you want to drink like a bartender, you'll want something bitter on tap. If so, head over to the bartender where you can get the digestif of choice, Fernet Branca. Bitter with a slight tinge of menthol, this is the tap you want to end your night.

2 Amys

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