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Crust Pizza Seems Closed, Lil' Pub in Jeopardy

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It isn't looking good for the future of Lil' Pub, a longtime Capitol Hill dive bar. Blog Capitol Corner reports that the owner of the building is selling the property, and while the owner of the bar was offered a chance to buy it, he turned it down. So provided the deal goes through, CVS will purchase the building and expand its space into the spot where Lil' Pub is now.

The bar, located at 655 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, used to be part of a local chain back in the day. A manager at Lil' Pub told Eater she was aware of the contract, but referred questions to the owner, who was not available.

Over in Rockville, a reader of Don Rockwell reports that Crust Pizza has closed. Crust was a New York-style pizza place located at 12303 Twinbrook Pkwy. Lights were out at the location Sunday, and a Yelp user had a similar experience. Eater tried calling Crust and the phone has been disconnected.

· The Li'l Pub Goes On the Block and Is Under Contract – CVS Bids to Expand [CHC]

Lil' Pub [Photo: Yelp]

Lil' Pub

655 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington, DC