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Raven Ray Rice Can't Sell Condo; Apartments For 17 & O

The latest building and neighborhood news from Curbed DC...

MARYLAND—Ray Rice can't be too concerned that is multi-million dollar salary is partially going to maintain this pre-NFL home of his, but he'd still like to get rid of the house if he can. Click over for all the manliness, including the Man Cave sign and unusual location for the fridge.

VIDEO INTERLUDE—Imagine all the people. Then imagine them all gone. That's what one company did for the streets of DC and they put together this video showing what an urban center would look like with not a single human. Creepy.

THE WHITE HOUSE—While 1600 Penn Ave isn't for sale (fundraising jokes aside) it is still fun to figure out how much it would cost on the open market. Movoto came up with a way to determine the price and did some more math to see how much it would have cost for the past hundred years.

H STREET—The streetcar is coming, baby. And this is what it is going to look like in action. Watch the simulation as it glides effortlessly down the road.

17th & O—Next month construction will start on the 220 unit building planned for this plot of land. Click over for a rendering and some details about the types of units.

—For this week's foray into alcohol-related real estate listings we took at look at what's for sale within the confines of The W Hotel.

RACKED DC—Hipsters broke out the tweed and took to bicycles to show everyone their fashion sense, plus more retail news.

—The 11th Street Bridge Project was just named the best bridge project of the year for these four innovative reasons, one of which is cost-saving. Shocker.

MARYLAND—The exterior of this house was modeled after the Rodin Museum, the interior is more like Vegas glitz times ten. Eye-popping colors await you over here.