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Neighborhood Of The Year; Oldest House In DC Sells; More!

All the latest neighborhood news from Curbed DC...
Which DC neighborhood deserves Neighborhood of the Year?
CURBED—It is time for our knockdown, drag out fight over which neighborhood deserves the title of Neighborhood of the Year. Above are the results of the first round of voting and round two begins on Monday. Last year Capitol Hill won, but who shall it be this year?

UNION STATION—A sure sign that the DC market is tight for entry-level homeowners is this HUD foreclosure that had 138 offers and bidding war no one is going to forget any time soon.

CLEVELAND PARK—The oldest house in DC is the Rosedale Farmhouse that just sold for several million (after a few price chops). It has been upgraded but has so many of the original features that the pictures are like a step back in time.

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS—The boutique condo explosion continues with a six-unit build for Harvard Street. There will be five two-bedrooms and 1 one-bedroom ready the summer of 2013.

GEORGETOWN—One of the most historic properties is this former horse stable that has been converted to a single family home. Apartment Therapy took a tour of how one designer made it liveable, with help from Darryl Carter.

DUPONT CIRCLE—We've updated our list of cheapest listings to see which ones have sold and for how much. There's still a few for sale, but most of them went fast.

GEORGETOWN—DC had to go through life without an $18M dollar house on the market for a few months since a new most expensive listing is about to be for sale. This is the tumultuous Friendly Estate (or Williams-Addison House) that is going to be $18.5M.

RACKED DC—This week in retail news Bonobos is coming to Cady's Alley, there's a Goodwill Pop-Up, Ginger Style is having a sale, and more.

DUPONT CIRCLE—Uber, the car service that wouldn't back down, has decided they need more office space so their floor in a Dupont rowhouse is up for lease. We've got the pictures and the prices.

DATA—Want to know how much houses went for last month in your zip code? We have our monthly map of last month's sale prices for each DC zip code.